The first thing I designed was the t-shirts. This was the logo of the hair dresser saloon that is the homebase of the main characters. The director wanted it to be a vintage logo with Miami Vice colors. 
 Movie stills with the t-shirts and logo displayed. (Sorry for low-res stills.)
 The main event of the movie is a talent show. The talent show has a big reward which is a big draw for the main characters. The poster inspired by recent tv shows like idol and talent shows. 
 Movie stills from the talent show in the movie. We also produced some scene banners based on the poster design. (Sorry for low-res stills.)
 When I created the poster, I did not have much to go on other than a few photos of the the main charactes taken by a mobile phone. The director did not provide much direction other than "hollywood style" poster. When creating the poster, I drew inspiration from the movie poster for  Sicario  which I really liked. 
 Of course the film premiere needed a special brewed beer with custom label. 
 The beer label is based on the poster with some endorsements from a couple of characters in the movie. 
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